REALTOR® Training Program

We are pleased to offer an organized and extensive training program for new REALTORS®. This program is offered at no cost with classes and seminars given in an informal setting and manner by some of the most experienced and successful REALTORS® in Victoria. Topics include listing presentations, marketing techniques, basics of contract drafting, strata sales, new construction, duty of disclosure and investigation. Please contact me to discuss the program in more detail.

Mike Holmes B.A. L.L.B.
Owner and Manager of Pemberton Holmes Ltd.


Hi Mike,

I would like to express my thanks to you on the excellent series of seminars you gave for associates this fall. As a former teacher, I appreciate the time and thought you gave to preparation beforehand. Each week's theme addressed and highlighted topics that are pertinent to those practising in the field.

Your bank of questions allowed us to work independently and later to share ideas. This interactive style of presentation facilitated a forum for discussion and an opportunity to clarify misconceptions and to expand on further detail. Making use of current references reminded us of the importance of such guides. Such a format gave all participants, regardless of background, a comfortable venue to express opinions, ask questions, and share experiences. It encouraged the discussion of field techniques, organizational strategies, and marketing ideas in a friendly and supportive environment.

Your background as a lawyer and your ability to document relevant and current cases was most informative and emphasized the due diligence we owe our clients.

I look forward to further seminars in the future.



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