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My association with Pemberton Holmes Ltd has helped me develop my career as a real estate agent. Not only is it extremely helpful to have a real estate lawyer as a Managing Broker, but the on-going training that is offered through the brokerage has been very valuable. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable and willing to help however they can. I highly recommend Pemberton Holmes to any agent who is looking for an established, reputable brokerage.

- Tara Niedoba

I have been with Pemberton Holmes Ltd. since 1993. In the time since joining I have watched it grow and get better with each passing year. When Mike Holmes took over the company in 2002, I was delighted since Mike had been my go to lawyer for the previous eight years, whenever I needed good legal advice. I can’t think of a better fit than a lawyer at the helm of a real estate company and now, dare I say, I get free legal advice. However, Mike is much more than just “good legal advice”. Mike has systematically gone through all the systems of running a real estate company, and after much consultation and listening to his realtors and employees, he has made improvement upon improvement and I see no end in sight. I feel fortunate to be with not only the oldest and most reputable real estate company, but also with a company that has a vision and is on the leading edge of utilizing the latest advances in technology.

- Andrew Mara

If I had joined Pemberton Holmes on the first day of my entering real estate, I would have never changed companies. Support and management that are second to none make Pemberton Holmes the finest place I can practice this profession. A professional and efficient management team right through the support staff makes me feel as though there could not be a better company to align myself with.

- Gary McInnis

Four years ago I was approached to join Pemberton Holmes Ltd. I took the decision seriously as I had established myself with a different real estate company. I have not regretted for one minute the decision. Mike Holmes and the management team show outstanding leadership to make me, and I am sure other realtors who are part of this real estate team, a community based company to serve clients better. I have never been as happy or proud to serve my clients and represent them in their real estate needs. Pemberton Holmes is the oldest and best real estate company in the Greater Victoria region.

- Gabriella Pakos

I came on board with Pemberton Holmes in 1997 as an agent from a “Big Box” real estate firm. My idea at the time was to work at a company that was established, well respected, and most importantly had quality management at the helm. After being with the company for less that 1 month I realized that Pemberton Holmes had had greatly exceeded those goals. The company is run with a personal touch starting at the helpful front end staff and carries all the way through to the upper management. The reason I find this important is because my clients want to deal with people who have a genuine interest in their well being and care about their needs. My clients get that feeling from the first contact with our firm and if they have ever had to deal with Michael Holmes they quickly learn where it all stems from.

Michael treats his entire staff with the same care and compassion that he would treat a client. Michael is a sincere, honest and hard working individual whom I am proud to call a friend, colleague, and “boss”. Very few people can master all three hats; Michael is one of them.

- David Scotney

I’d like to say that I’m enjoying being with your company and I should have moved over years ago. I enjoy attending office meetings, tours, the general camaraderie displayed by the REALTOR®s here at Pemberton Holmes and the professional gentle guiding hand and availability of the leadership team. I can appreciate the difficulty of steering 270 odd REALTOR®s to stay on the road, out of the ditch and between the lines.

- David Hale

Hi Mike. I just wanted to thank you for having me with your company over the last 4-5 years. I have now hung up my license, and will continue to pursue some building and developing around Victoria. Pemberton Holmes was an ideal fit for me, relaxed and flexible, yet resourceful and professional, with lots of support if required. I have always and will continue to refer Pemberton Holmes to anyone looking for a good place to work.

- Terry Michaels

When it comes to doing business in the community one looks for a firm foundation to start from. I found mine in Pemberton Holmes. The company has been an ongoing source of support and continuing commitment in making my successful business what it is today. I am very pleased with the open door policy. When I have a problem, all staff members are there to help me. Thanks for keeping me at the top of my real estate career!

- Nancy Vieira

Mike, I just wanted you to know how grateful I am for being at your office. I find everyone very easy to work with, which is very important in an office. After over twenty years at my old office, it was very hard to switch companies. However, once I did my only regret is that I did not move to Pemberton Holmes a few years ago. Even my clients have mentioned how much happier I have been since I made the switch.

- Kent Deans

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